Since I 5ylo

Since I 5ylo It was believed that it was better to die than to be 5ol publicly.

Since I 5ylo their own idea of what should 5mt man, the 5olee entrainment penitent psychology and esoteric knowledge.

Of course, he should not feel discomfort ,Pit should feel a sense of peace.

Anxious feelings show the world its weakness To be free from the pain, the pain should be adopted inevitably and naturally.

Pain is pain downtime painful fact, but suffering it possible to always YaV n exclusively refusal of pain, the assertion that life should not be Ti, painful tion.

. . . . . .

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Engage child.,This

Engage child.,This Well, then, you can still save the waist, and the rest only attracts men.

This is called a change of image, that's all! And in whatever direction or developing the ratio of the family, no matter how events would be formed the only but reasonable and constructive is the next vari ant action.

Engage child.

,This is our child, our malyuSenko, he must be good! Try to calm down and be tempered by how much work.

Not to mention the spoiled nervous system ,which, though recovering, but really a very long time and a crumbling family, passions causes the body to defend itself from experiences ,and you know what it is protected and compensate for the negative propensity for eating tasty Stay.

. . . . . .

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The past is gone, and the future

The past is gone, and the future Do not dwell on the past, even now you have a choice to completely change the mood, which means present and future.

The past is gone, and the future we are building with their hands every second.

Do not believe me Check in practice, fully lived in New New Day! All at your fingertips! I have a terrible craving for chocolate, what to do I can not abandon it.

Magnesium a great assistant, if he can not abandon themselves chocolate.

After 30 days the Program usually runs a craving for sweets.

. . . . . .

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To begin to burn

To begin to burn One of the striking imbalance symptoms of adrenaline the severity of head of bed in the morning: the body can not hear your own adrenaline.

To begin to burn fat effectively, you must abandon stimulants until full recovery of hormones and metabolism.

The figure at right shows the vicious circle of dependence on stimulants.

See pictures from the upper left and a circle clockwise.

Lack of nutrients fatigue, depression hunger.

Consumption of stimulants ,coffee, sugar, tea, chocolate and biscuits bread cakes have more energy.

Overdo it with stimulants ,two drawings stress, anxiety, fatigue, frequent changes of mood.

. . . . . .

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And that you know

And that you know And this custom is not just old, but has a very modern sense.

Know that the first eat away the yeast during its her active work Sugar! That is, the compound of that the body in the first place and at the lowest cost mi translates into pure energy.

And especially their natural forms like glucose and sucrose in fruit Comrade.

And that you know what This is the main power cord and ha zoobmen blood.

Thus, it turns out that oteda yuschiysya by leaps and bounds not only fattening, but also becomes stupid.

Alas! Sad but true.

. . . . . .

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